The big 2-8

This past Sunday was one of my best friend’s birthdays… she turned 28.  She and I go way back; we were in the same sorority in college, about 98% of the vacations I’ve taken in the last 5 years were with her, and she’s been my wedding date/buddy when we were both otherwise flying solo […]

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is the most awesome lady, and Sunday was her birthday!  So of course we needed to celebrate!!  As luck would have it, she had (and still sort of has) a nasty cold.  But that didn’t stop us!  A few shots from the afternoon… And a few family portraits:     The evening also […]

Mpls/St. Paul 2012 Zombie Pub Crawl

See above.  Nuff said. What is the Zombie Pub Crawl you ask?  35,000 un-dead wandering the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul on 10/13/12. The history is actually pretty neat; it started as a group of a few friends organizing a pub crawl (as many groups of friends will do) and making it Zombie themed.  Over […]

House of Coates

There’s a small township near Rosemount, MN, called Coates.  A friend of mine ended up there probably a month ago now and mentioned it in her blog which I, of course, follow!  She talked about a restaurant there called House of Coates that has burgers (they have an award winner – the Swanee Burger)… and I love […]