Duke’s branching out

As I was walking through the bean and canned tomato aisle at WalMart this past weekend, I picked up a can of Busch’s Black Beans… and wondered what I could make with them. Your taste buds change over time and currently, I’m a fan of black beans (and buffalo type/spicy sauces).  I turned the can […]

Pumpkin Seeds

Hey look!  I’m only a week and a half behind! ;] Did some googling and found a few recipes for cooking up those seeds that we all pulled out of our pumpkins a while back, and most of them were the exact same.  I ended up with: “Many Trips to the Oven” Roasted Pumpkin Seeds […]


Quick – don’t look at the title again… do you know what these are? Or maybe this view will help? These bars are are some of my very favorite.  They come out around Christmas, yes, but also when we’re just in need of a treat to bring to a pot-luck or just to have.  I’m […]

Apple Crisp…

There’s not much that says fall more than the subject line up there… and so I made some this last week (using the apples I picked up here)! Apple Crisp – makes one 9 x 13 casserole dish What to gather: 10 cups of peeled, cored and sliced apples 1 cup and 1 tbs flour 1 […]