A little about the non-runner

Hello there!

My name is Lisa… I’m 26 years old and reside in Minnesota (as I have my whole life…!).  I bought my first house in October of 2011, and the first pet that was entirely my own responsibility (a cat – Sebastian) in January of 2012.  I work in accounting/administration and also manage the rail fleet, for a commodities trader.

I started this blog as motivation to help me reach my short-term goal of running the TC 10 mile in October of 2012, and my long-term goal of becoming a “runner.”  However, that changed when it became apparent I was going to reach my goal.  I did not run the 10 mile, but I was there, and the atmosphere still gets me every time.

Come run along with me as I share the occasional funny gym story, outdoor running mishaps, and race related anecdotes… all from a self proclaimed non-runner. :]


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