The Girl Who Chased the Moon

The above book was the topic of this month’s book club (I have with my friends), but due to it’s popularity I was only able to get a copy about a week ago.  With Thanksgiving in between the meeting last night, and when I received the book, I was unable to finish.  However, I was so enthralled by how far I had gotten as of Monday evening… that I totally skipped out on book club because I wanted to see how it ended (seriously, it’s very good).


The book has two main storylines:

The first is about a young girl (17ish) who has recently lost her mother and so goes to live with her grandfather in the small town of Mullaby in North Carolina, where “strange and wondrous” things happen.  When she arrives, she soon learns that the reason she knew so little about this tiny town was because her mother had left some very bad blood behind, and the girl – Emily – has quite the reputation to live down.

Mullaby has some very unique characteristics and legends surrounding it; including ghost lights that have been seen around town for years and years, a local gentle giant, and wallpaper that changes on it’s own.  While this hint of magic usually isn’t something I’m drawn too, I think that thanks to books like Twilight, we’re all a little more interested in the genre.  (And it does add a light, fun note to the story as well.)

The second storyline surrounds woman Emily meets from her mother’s past, Julia.  Julia was a troubled teen and is back in town running her father’s business until she plans to sell it and move back to where she’s moved on with her life.  She has turned things around as she’s grown up but still battles some of the “ghosts” from her past.

Both storylines have a hint of romance and mystery, and the book leaves you wondering just what the lights are in the woods at night, and also what on earth Emily’s mother did that was so horrible… it’s really a page turner.

With my DVR so full of good shows these days, it’s difficult to put aside some time with my Kindle, however last night I stayed up until roughly 1:30 finishing this.  Definitely worth the read!


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