Who’s a winner… I’m a winner!

I enter a lot of contests… they are free after all, so you might as well try!  And so, occasionally I’ll win something – usually tickets to an event.

The two that stick out the most are a couple years ago when I won tickets from vita.mn for a band that I’d never heard of playing at the Pantages.  I went with a friend, and we ended up leaving before the show was over (not our thing).

The other was more exciting… just a few months ago I was able to go to Batman Live! via a contest from one of my favorite local shows.

But… when it comes to everyday things – BINGO, pull tabs, raffles… other people hold the luck.  Not last Tuesday though… 😀

While out playing BINGO to celebrate the last day of a co-worker, I won $150 on a pull tab!!  Oh yeah… $150!  I was so excited!  I’ve never won a sum of money that large ever… and I was ecstatic!


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