The big 2-8

This past Sunday was one of my best friend’s birthdays… she turned 28.  She and I go way back; we were in the same sorority in college, about 98% of the vacations I’ve taken in the last 5 years were with her, and she’s been my wedding date/buddy when we were both otherwise flying solo for the many many weddings that have come up since we got out of college.

Circa 2008 at a Bachelorette Party (got a little of the Captain in ya?)


Same month and year, at the aforementioned wedding

We had a great time out to dinner in the southern suburbs, followed by drinks at a “Deer Hunter’s Widow’s Party” at a small town Bar and Grill.  I have to say, when you pair tiger print leggings (yes, really) with bright orange vests and camo, it’s hard not to have a good time. ;]



Happy Birthday B!


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