Reblogging some great words of advice

I follow numerous blogs, and because of the awesome power of wordpress… even the ones that aren’t powered by wordpress itself, still show up in my “reader.”  (Almost like a wall of blog snipets for those who don’t know – very convenient.)  The only problem is… sometimes you don’t know which ones are from wordpress and which ones are not… which causes (in this case) a whole 5 minutes of confusion while looking for the like and reblog buttons. ;]

This was posted on one of the blogs that I follow, but alas, they are on Tumblr, and so I can’t actually “reblog.”

However here are some awesome words of wisdom on saying you’re sorry.  While I don’t believe I owe anyone an apology now (hopefully you don’t either)… these are still some great things to remember.

Wanted to share… :]


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