It’s starting to feel like fall…

My favorite season is probably fall, what with the changing warmer fashions, the warm smells of cinnamon and apples, the gorgeous colors outside… and the opportunity to get out in the crisp fall air and go to orchards, or on hay rides… etc.  Granted this past weekend it wasn’t exactly crisp (I think it hit 80) but nevertheless…

My mom and I hit up an Apple Farm on Saturday!  Through a series of “I think I remember how to get there,” and “I SEE the highway… how do I GET to the highway?!” we finally made to Jim’s Apple Farm and Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store in Jordan.

Here are some shots from the day!

My college’s mascot doesn’t randomly appear a lot of places… unless you go to a nearby town!! (Go MAVS!)

I have a feeling the light is always on…

GIGANTIC Tootsie Pop!! (And little girl photo-bomber…)

There was quite an impressive selection of root beer… these were our picks!

I remember eating apples on this sign when I was in college… 🙂

It was a great day!







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