No Bumper Lanes Here…

New people I meet are often surprised to know, that I’m part of a bowling league!  When I was a kid, I bowled at a small bowling alley in South Minneapolis… had my own ball and everything.  Those were some really fun times!

I can’t remember the age exactly when I quit, but eventually I did… until last May.

A co-worker of mine made a comment that we should start an office bowling team (to be honest he was probably partially kidding), and after a few weeks of conversation we did develop into a full fledged team.  We had shirts made… my parents surprised me with a ball that I could fit my fingers into and weighed more than the 7 or so lbs my 4th grade self was used to.  We were PUMPED!

We chose an alley close-ish to the office (in an effort to foster maximum participation) and anxiously awaited the day.  That day finally arrived one Monday evening in May and we all marched in there with our matching shirts and bowling bags only to find empty lanes, essentially.  Upon locating the manager we were notified that the league had been cancelled for lack of interest.  (Obviously, not everyone was as excited as we were.)  They let us bowl that day for free anyway (thanks for the notice, guys!), and we scrambled after that to find a different place that fit the same schedules we had promised our office.

We did eventually find one (Gr8t Times Casual 8-week League), and guess what?!  We… Won!. :]  (Take that non-interested parties!)

So yesterday was the scheduled start of our next league, and we were again, pretty excited (being champions and all now).  When at 2:00pm or so my phone rings.  It was the bowling alley.  Guess what they said?  Our league had been canelled due to lack of interest.



But… he had good news!  There was another league that was bowling the same night for the same amount of time for the same price!!  (Which in retrospect, that seems a little funny, doesn’t it?)  The only difference was that it’s sanctioned with the USBC – which generally means more serious players.  We went with it though, and joined our 4th league in a 5 month span.

We all had an awesome time, that included; getting paired up against a team that was a little older, with tucked in Mickey Mouse Tshirts and Mickey Mouse Hats (yes, they seemed a pretty annoyed with our overzealous high-fiving and pitcher(s) of beer), seeing a poor woman take a fall onto the lanes on her first practice shot, and a newbie to our team getting warned about lane courtesy, during practice, while just grabbing her bowling ball.

We’re not in Kansas anymore. ;]

(In all seriousness though, we’re all pretty excited, and even though we’re new to a “serious league” we all had a great time, and are looking forward to the rest of the season!)


4 thoughts on “No Bumper Lanes Here…

  1. I like sanctioned leagues best…while you do have to pay sanction fees, you are eligible for prizes and tournaments. And….it just kind of feels good to “belong.”

  2. That’s great that you are bowling again. It was fun when we were little and would hang out while our parents bowled.

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