Guess who won the chili cook-off at work?

ME!  (Well, and 2 other people… I’ll get to that…)

My office is pretty good about doing fun things as a group, and last Thursday we had a chili cookoff!  Someone joked that the prize for winning should be an unchaperoned ride in my boss’ Mustang…

I love to participate in almost anything and so I of course set off to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the chili my mom makes, with a few spins of my own.  In the end there were 5 entries, and THREE of us won with 5 votes each.  I was pretty excited to win, who doesn’t love that?!

As chili should be somewhat unique to person or family, I won’t share the whole recipe.  However, I also think that good food should be shared, so, below are the list of ingredients for the “award winning” chili. ;]  Maybe it’ll inspire you to start whipping up a batch of your own this fall season!

And about the Mustang ride… we’ll see – he never actually agreed in the first place!

Lisa’s Corny Chili

What to gather:

Ground Beef

Diced Tomatoes

Tomato Paste

Tomato Sauce

Black Beans


Vinegar (per the comment below – thanks mom!)

Brown Sugar


Green Pepper


Chili Powder

Minced Garlic

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

I believe thats all (am I missing anything?)… so, grab your crock pot and start cooking!


2 thoughts on “Guess who won the chili cook-off at work?

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