Beaker and Brush

Ever heard of the above?

I hadn’t either… until a recent planning meeting for an alumni organization I’m the treasurer for.  Basically Beaker and Brush is a series of discussions about the relationship between science and art (thus beaker and brush… get it?  I”ll admit I didn’t at first… ha.).  Anyway last night I went as part of an event.

It was held at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall, which is fairly new to the area (has gotten pretty good reviews so far though) and the topic was… interesting, I guess.  I generally don’t spend my evenings at such educational events, but this wasn’t too bad.  In fact…

Everyone in my group (3 people) won one of 4 door prizes they gave out!  I won a pub glass that, if used at another B and B event, will get me $1.00 off any beer, another one won a year long membership to the Science Museum of MN, and another won a $50 gift certificate to Master Framers!

All in all… not a bad night!


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