Little Bee – Book Review

I finished this one a few days late… my Book Club meets on the last Tuesday of every month, and I didn’t have time to finish “Little Bee” by then.  But I did last night!

In short, Little Bee is about a refugee girl from Nigeria who has a horrific experience before she flee’s her country.  Her experience involves a couple from England.  All three of them carry that day with them for years, and one of the people commits suicide because they just can’t move past what they saw, and what they’d been a part of.  The book is about how the people involved get by, and try to right the wrongs.

This is one of those stories where you feel awful saying that you didn’t really like it, because these terrible things really happen to people in some countries (which I just can’t fathom) and you feel like saying the story was just really, “ok,” somehow diminishes that.  But thats the case, I really didn’t care much for this one.

Part of the reason I couldn’t finish in time is because it was tough to get into the story, for me.  The book jumps around from the point of view of the woman from England, and the refugee (Little Bee), and it also jumps from current times, to retelling of times back a few years when everything originally took place.  I decided to finish it because the ladies in my book club seemed to like it, and I’d ended up buying it on my kindle because it wasn’t available at the library as an e-book yet – I’m still in that “this is so cool, I need to use it all the time” phase with the device.  (I figured, if I owned it, I might as well have read it.)  But in short, there wasn’t really much of a plot (or at least it took me a while to find one), and I was extremely frustrated that it ended how it did.  (Wait, what happened to Little Bee?!  Come on!!!)

I give it 3 of 5 runners.


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