This afternoon a few of my co-workers and I went to lunch at Fogo de Cao.  We’d been wanting to do a larger group outing to a fun place for a while, and while in the end there were only 5 of us that went, it was still fun!

The concept behind this restaurant is that it’s all you can eat meat, Brazillian style.  The waiters come around with meat on swords, and you get a little card thats red on one side, green on the other.  If you want meat, flip it to green, and they’ll stop.  Red, and they won’t.  They also have a salad and sides bar.

I like meat as much as the next person, but I lean towards side dishes and well, carbs.  I was planning on sticking with the salad bar, but in the end I flipped my card to green, and well… those guys really do know how to prepare meat!

My overall review of the place:  It was pretty good.  For the price, I’m not sure that it’ll ever become a favorite, though.  The meat was delicious, and there were so many to choose from.  The price, for me, was worth the atmosphere (the waiters are THERE when that card goes to green, and the decor is beautiful), but the food was a little too fancy for my tastes.  I like fancy to a degree… but it would have been nice to find some spinach and egg over at the salad bar… amidst all the aged cheese and salmon.  Of course, this could be the midwesterner in me talking… ;]

Overall, I feel like this right now (keep in mind, it’s roughly 8 hours later):








Which, for an all-you-can-eat-meat restaurant… is probably the point.


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