Snipets from the Weekend

This past weekend was one of those where you enjoyed every minute, it went by way too fast, and yet, Friday seems like ages ago!

Some of the weekend you’ve heard about:

The Vikings Game

A  Trip to the Farmers Market in the morning with my mom where we purchased Zucchini to make the gift given at the Housewarming Party I went to on Saturday.

And on Sunday… are you ready… Sunday was… the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR!!!

The food menu included:

A Pronto Pup…

Roasted Corn…

Summit on a Stick…



Big Fat Bacon…

Sweet Martha’s Cookies and unlimited Kemps Milk…

and the Craft Beer Sampler (yes there was water involved too…).

It was an awesome day that also included throes and throes of people…

A trip to the animal barns (the Swine Barn is my favorite – Swine Flu be damned!)…

Oink (the largest Boar)


…the view from outside is fine for this one.

A rest or two in the Lee and Rose Warner Colliseum…

… prancin’ horses anyone??


Some moose gawking in the DNR building (I actually got to pick up and hold a moose hoof!!  It was AWESOME!!) p.s. I have a thing for moose!

I just love love love the State Fair.  I’m told that we have the 2nd largest (to TX) in the whole United States and I believe it!  Roughly 365 more days until it’s time to go again! ;]  Next year the plan is to take a day off work and see a taping of this



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