Housewarming Parties

The thing about being in your 20’s is that all of your friends tend to do big life changing things.  They get married, they buy a house, they have babies (maybe in that order, maybe not).  My friends seem to be two groups:

1. Those that are not married but bought the house (I fit into this one)

2. Those that got married, bought the house, had the kid

I.e. it seems like everyone’s got a house.  Weirdly enough though, I really haven’t been to that many housewarming parties.  However…

On Friday my friends Katie and Ryan had a housewarming party for the the new pad they moved into this past April.

The couple this past 4th of July

The question always seems to be, what do you bring to a housewarming party?  Do you bring anything at all?

The go-to around here seems to be wine, but what if you want to change it up a bit?

According to the website there is a growing trend where people register for gifts for their housewarming party.  Really?  Do people really do this?  While I agree that most people will show up with some sort of gift, to come right out and say, “I want this!” seems a little tacky.  Nevertheless…

Throughout my internet perusing I’ve come across the following suggestions:

Barware (wine or beer related depending on the person)

A houseplant of some sort

Gift Cards to Home Improvement stores

A gift basket filled with wine and cheeses

A gift basket filled with cleaning supplies


Baked goods

Serving pieces filled with something you’ve made

For this specific party I went the route of baked goods.  Armed with zucchini from my local Farmer’s Market, I whipped up a couple loaves of my Aunt Ginger’s Zucchini Bread, wrapped one in what I hope was an attractive manner, and brought that.  It’s pretty delicious and I hope they like it.  I’d give you the recipe, but it’s really not mine to give. ;]  I’d recommend looking around and finding a zucchini bread recipe to make your very own, because really, it makes your kitchen smell divine, and the end result is… well…




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