By chance, and much to my glee… I was given 4 tickets to the Minnesota Vikings pre-season game tonight!

Thanks Boss!

So I gathered 3 of my friends and we went!  This was my very first vikings game, ever… and the seats were awesome!  (10th row, on the 30 yard line.)

I have many many memories of going to Twins Games at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (now Mall of America Field).  So it was fun even just being in the building again!

The Big Marshmallow

Due to a bad storm a couple of winters ago, heavy snow on the marshmallow-ey roof of the Metrodome collapsed it.  They have since rebuilt it and things are pretty much back to normal.  But, for a few reasons, the team is getting a new stadium.  So, sadly, this was very likely the last time that I will ever be in the Dome for a sporting event… I made sure to enjoy every second!  I even got to exit through the big doors (because of the air pressure to keep the roof inflated, if you open the main doors it creates a big wind tunnel that propels you outside.  It’s just plain fun!)!

It also turns out that I knew one of the cheerleaders!  I went to elementary school with a girl that (thanks to facebook) I knew was a cheerleader last year, but who knew anymore.  We sat down in our seats, and well, hey!  I haven’t seen the girl in many years, I’ll admit… but it was still neat.

In the end, we lost the game 10-12 (seems to be the usual trend), but that last quarter was close!  I have hope for a better season than the last couple of years.

It was SUCH a fun night, and I felt so lucky to have been gifted such great tickets!  Maybe I’ll be able to get to another Vikings game someday… perhaps even against… the Packers?!

Myself, Angela, Jenny, Anna


2 thoughts on “SKOL VIKINGS… Lets go!

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