With a little time on my hands this morning, I decided to update the “theme” i.e. the appearance, of my blog!  I’m really enoying the simpleness of the layout of my new look (widgets are still here, at the bottom), as well as the fonts and… the balloons!

When I was a kid (yes, we’re jumping back a whole 20 or so years – watchout!) one of the first things I learned to doodle was balloons.  I thought it was so neat that I could draw them sort behind each other and peeking out, so that it looked like a cluster was right there on the page.  I even drew the little triangle on the bottom that forms when you tie a latex balloon and then also the strings coming down.  I thought it was pretty awesome.  And for a while I drew that all the time…

Then when I was 16 I got my first job, at Party City.  It was a small group of employees, and I soon found my place in the party city world at the balloon counter.  Every Saturday it was Nicole and I manning the balloon counter… we’d come in at 8am since the store opened at 9:00am, and we’d go to town.  We were awesome at it, and she was my “balloon buddy.” (When we occasionally talk now, we still call each other that!)  We could do a dozen latex balloons together in under 5 minutes – blown, tied, strung, bundled and set aside.  We’d even take turns, one of us standing at the helium tank, and the other by the ribbons, and we’d throw them to each other, producing almost a show, with tricks and everything.  You had to throw them towards the ground and away from you, or they’d just float up to the ceiling… it was an artform.  I can still tie balloons faster than almost anyone I know (Party City employees not included), and create quite the balloon related centerpiece, and that tends to surprise people.

I realized while thinking all of this over, that Balloons, as trivial as they are, have had a place in my life for a long time.  And what a perfect symbol really (other than a moose ;])?  Balloons are a sign of fun, lightheartedness, and celebration… all of the things I try to incorporate into my life every day.

So, when deciding what foot to put forward to people on my blog when they visit, why not the one that means so much, and says, “fun!”

Pop in anytime… just don’t bring anything sharp…


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