Tis the season…

For festivals!

I love a good street fair/festival, and summer in MN is great for these.  Yesterday a friend and I followed the signs and attended one specializing in Art and Jazz music.  Not really sure what we were walking into, we were a tad skeptical.  However, our skepticism quickly went away when we walked upon… (dun dun dun!) FOOD TRUCKS!

Food trucks and crowds!


You can’t really have a summer festival without a food truck or two, after all.  After purchasing food tickets (I’ve never been a fan of this process; buying tickets to buy food.  You inevitably buy more than you need and since you can’t return them, are forced to spend them… which I’m sure is the point, but nevertheless…) we each purchased a summer brew, followed by a cheeseburger and some ice cream.

While we didn’t make any purchases, we did also walk through the art and jewelry booths and look around.  Some of the art was just my style, however the price tags weren’t… and we wandered on.

There was even a fountain for kids to splash around in… just squint past the sun for the crowds enjoying the jazz music

Overall it was a really fun time, and makes me a little sad that the festival season is almost over!  Us Minnesotan’s do have at least one more GIANT festival coming up soon… just 4 more days…!


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