The Great Vet Visit of 2012

Sebastian is my 9 year old Orange Tabby, and as most people have come to realize, he’s my little guy.  (Felt like I should put it out there though… I’m no crazy cat lady!  I fully understand that he is NOT a child…)

Sebastian is all talk, but is genuinely aggressive when new people try to man-handle him (ooof, you should have heard the stories when he and I were getting used to each other this past winter!).  He also gets REALLY worked up over being in his carrier and riding in the car.  Unfortunately, that is necessary when travelling – even the 10 minutes to the vet.

Poor Sebastian

Although it was, eh, interesting seeing how he reacted to a new person (the vet) holding, prodding, and well, (from Sebastian’s point of view) man-handling him, it was necessary to find out that he’s a healthy dude and we can get back to what we do best…

Please, no more pictures!

Relaxin’ on our favorite spot on the couch!

Bye for now!


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