Fabulous Fern’s!

Tonight I dined at Fabulous Fern’s in St. Paul for a friend’s upcoming birthday!


Apparently throwing back to the good ol’ 20’s (or does the picture on that Menu depict more of the 40’s – I really have no idea), I expected the decor to do the same, however, it didn’t really.  Overall the food was really good, and the neighborhood is just really fun in general.

When I say the food was really good… I mean everyone else’s, btw.  They all gave rave reviews… ;]  The beer pictured above is a Pyramid Apricot Ale, which I will recommend!

~ Also to note, even though the temp here was holding steady between 80 and 85 degrees, I wore a jean jacket and scarf tonight… because I feel fall coming early and I can’t wait.  (I have to stop typing now to shield myself as the summer-lovers start throwing things at me…)



One thought on “Fabulous Fern’s!

  1. I haven’t had pants on since May, and I don’t intend to put them on for at least another month. I will throw beach balls and dandilions at you for even suggesting summer’s coming to an end. NOT YET!!

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