It matters what school you go to.

Or does it?  I’m not talking about academia anyway… I’m talking about “school’s of thought.”

I’m home sick today from work with a cold and flu-like symptoms.  I had more of an internal struggle than I should have regarding whether or not to stay home or just go in and tough it out.  I have all the regular symptoms: coughing, a lot of congestion (thank goodness for Dayquil!), a nagging headache, my voice has a froggy twang to it… you know the drill.  I’m also breathing mostly out of my mouth with causes me to feel like I’m literally breathing green monster-esque molecules into the air (don’t even get me started on handwashing and touching things).

The issue is, I’ve always had the mindset that if you’re not throwing up, and you can walk around without falling over, you need to go to work/school/what have you.  And I’ve definitely been sicker and went in (I went to work for 4 days with a ruptured appendix last year).  However, the longer I’m in the workforce the more I realize that people tend to adopt the mentality of, “if you’re sick, you stay home!” mostly referring to the contagious-ness of whatever you’ve got.  But how sick is too sick?  And how do you know if thats what you’re dealing with?

There are certain guidelines laid out here in regards to fever, type of cough, sore throat, runny nose… and according to this I’ve made the right call.  But everyone’s different, and I tend to be on the tougher side, so I still can’t help but feel guilty.  At the same time though, you get sick hours, PTO, whatever the system may be, so that when you have days when you need the extra time, etc., you can have it.  I was raised with a strong work ethic, and so it’s hard to take a day to sit on my couch when I could physically drag myself onto my desk char.  Yes, I’d be uncomfortable and probably less focused than usual, but I’d be there.

All things considered, I made the call today to stay home and keep to myself.

What are your rules for staying home?  When do you make the call?


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