I don’t have a bright future in meteorology…

This morning’s run was… interesting uncomfortable.  According to my training plan, I’m supposed to be running at least 2.0 miles on every running day.  At this point I can run/walk 2.0+ miles but running it straight through… my personal best is 1.8 (close, but no cigar).  But this morning I mapped a route on geodistance for the appropriate distance and set off.

Yes, the radar maps suggested there was some rain coming through, but the little green, orange and red masses were way down there, and heck it was 65 degrees (in AUGUST!!) so I set off.

See… It’s not going to rain! 😉

And… I just about fainted.  I’ve mentioned here and there on this blog that I’m not a good runner (have you gotten that yet?).  I really don’t think it’s because I lack skill (because I believe that anyone can do something if they put their mind to it), but for me its really more about physical ability and also, the whole mind over matter thing.  At the distances I’m running though, I don’t think it’s really about mental attitude yet.  When you run just over a mile and have to stop and sit on the curb of a National Camera and Video store, with your head lower than your heart just to make the spots go away… its a physical thing. (And no, this isn’t the first time this has happened, by far.)

According to BMI charts, I’m underweight.  And at least since I started looking at those, I’ve always been that way.  It’s not that I don’t eat, because I really do, and most of the time I eat non-health food fare.  It’s not that I overexercise either… it’s just the way I am.  This was my main concern with training to run the 10 mile; that I honestly, wouldn’t be physically able to do it.  But I’ve still got the drive to try, right now…

So, I got up off the curb and started home…

Then, the storm came in… and while the rain felt good in a way, I kind of felt like I was in a scene from a movie.  You know the ones where the guy just had his car break down, and numerous other unfortunate things happened to him and he says, well, at least it’s not raining… and then you hear the  crack of thunder.  So, I walked quickly home and passed numerous other walker/runners that were going probably a little faster than usual.  (Including 2 chubby little pugs being hurried along by their owner!  Cute!)

In the end, I ran 1.17 miles, and then walked the rest of the 2.29 route that I had planned.

Until next time…


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