Travel time!

Tomorrow evening after work I will get on an airplane and go on vacation!!  I am so excited!!  I won’t say where I’m going just yet… but a few hints:

It’s urban…

It’s large…

It’s famous… some late night talk shows say it’s the “greatest in the world…” 😉

While on vacation I fully intend to stick to my workout routine; I’ve even packed my running shorts and running shoes.  I won’t lie, this would not be the first time that I packed this gear only to have it take up unnecessary space in my luggage.  However, all things considered, I need this time to be different.  I’ve lost my original stamina as of late, and need to get “back on the horse,” if you will.  My hotel even has a “fitness center” so there you go.

One of the funniest people on tv (I think) is Ellen Degeneres.  On her show earlier this year, she had the best monologue (I tried to find the video or words, but no luck)… it was about how when we, as a society tend to “over-pack” when we go on vacation.  For example, in our every day life, we might occasionally take a walk, but when we’re planning for vacation, we put a full on jogging suit, multiple pairs of exercise shoes, etc in the suitcase, envisioning ourselves running marathon length distances in the morning, jogging down the beach, etc.  This is so true!

But I didn’t do that this time around… this time I (yes) packed my version of the jogging suit – but I intend to use it!  (Hey!  I DO!)


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