My Almost Run

Saturday morning (aaahhh… the weekend!) I got up a couple hours earlier than necessary to go for a run outside – it seems that during the week, it’s easier (HA, did I just say easier, I must be getting crazier as time goes on) to get up early in the morning and head to the gym than it is to go outside…

I was good last week about getting up and going Monday and Tuesday bright and early at 5:00am before work, however Wednesday I overslept.  What happened, not for the first time, was that my alarm clock went off at 5:00am as planned, however the radio switched from 97.1 to some random am station which was of course not programmed and therefore just emitted a light fuzz sound, i.e. it didn’t wake me up.  My theory is that my cat (who does crawl around in the night) got up near my alarm clock and stepped on the button to switch it over.  I should have learned to set a backup alarm on my phone, but alas, I hadn’t done that.

On Wednesday night… something exciting happened!  My very good friend A made the move home from Montana (where she’s lived for the past 3ish years) back to Minnesota.  While she gets things in order, she and her 2 adorable, albeit large, Alaskan Malamutes are staying with me.

April 2009

Us circa April 2009, NOT 2027…

We were roommates in college, but as of late the visits have been sparse, so of course when she arrived on Wednesday night, we stayed up fairly late chatting.  (I.e. 5am on Thursday rolled around and I did not get out of bed.  The same thing happened on Friday.)

But, oh the weekend.  Then again… this is titled my “almost run.”  Here’s what happened.

I mapped out a 2 mile route and set out towards a lake in my neighborhood.  I’ve run around this lake before or at least have attempted too many times.  However I ran into a few obstacles:

We’ve got these around here… and they can be mean, especially when they are in numbers.  They were in a cluster right in the middle of the path I needed to take.  Had I blown through them, I thought there was a pretty good chance I’d be attacked… so I went WAAAAYYY out of the way to avoid them.  I also had to break stride, which while it shouldn’t, causes me to lose some stamina.


  • After I got back on the path around the lake I was of course looking behind me numerous times to make sure that no geese were following me.  While I was doing this I almost stepped on one of these:

    Woodland animal #1

    And one of these:

    Woodland animal #2

    I was just so icked out at that point that I turned around, once again avoided the geese, and went back home.

    sigh…  better luck next time. (Total miles “ran:” 0.4)




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