Hey… you cold?

First off, I have to say how proud I am of myself for getting up at 5:00am these last two mornings and getting to the gym!  I’ve always wanted to be the person that worked out in the morning, because I’d heard that it gives you more energy throughout the day, and once its out of the way, you won’t skip it later… etc.  Granted my body is still getting used to this “new schedule” but I’m liking it so far.

Now, the issue with writing a blog, for me, about something that I do almost every day, is finding the interesting pieces of it to share with everyone.  Granted, I’m not force feeding anyone here, but still.  If I didn’t want readership, I wouldn’t have started a blog.  But how do I make it interesting enough for people to want to read it every day?

Unrelated to running, I try and find the fun in the things I do.  I know that certain parts of life aren’t always fun, but looking at the things you can control, why do something if you aren’t having fun with it?  It’s important for me to “find the fun” in running, and thats what I hope to share here.

So today as I ran 1.0 mile (I pushed myself yesterday resulting in a splitting headache for most of the day and to be honest, overwhelming fatigue) – which as I’ve said before it’s a little amazing to think that 1.0 mile is a resting day, as not that long ago that was the goal (!) – I witnessed this:

Granted, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet were not running on a treadmill at my gym.  If you ever believe that I’m telling you I see cartoon characters exercising in real life, please contact someone on my behalf.

The man two tradmills down from me was dressed in totally normal workout wear, with one exception; he had a scarf!  I’m not talking flight attendant scarf, but an actual winter in MN scarf.  It’s 70… in July.  I don’t really understand.  He was running too, yet not working up a sweat despite it all, and seeming to find the things on CNN hilarious… he must have been HOT had a cold crazy.

Until next time…


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