Good morning!  Today marks day 1 of my, “get your butt out of bed and work out Lady!” regiment.  Yes, I’d woken up earlier than necessary on Wednesday of last week, as well as Saturday this past weekend to go running, but this morning was serious business.  My alarm clock went off at 5:00am, and I snoozed it… snuggled up to the cat.  Then my eyes popped open again, and I thought, “I really need to do this,” and I got up, forced my contacts in, and left the house.

When I arrived at the gym, much to my surprise, there were again, a lot of people there!  Already!  At 5:20am!  I wonder how early they wake up?  Anyway…

I hopped on a treadmill and ran just shy of 2.0 miles while catching up on some local news via Sunrise Mornings.  (One of things that I do like most about my gym is that the treadmills face a wooded area – yeah, there’s a road in between the big windows and the trees, but you can still see the trees! – and I get to see a little bit of nature, even though I’m inside.  Today was great, because its finally! a little nicer outside and I was able to see the sun rise.  Not that nice weather and the sun rising have anything to do with each other… but I digress…)

The only thing that tarnished this morning’s feat was that at about mile 1.5, I got this huge stomach cramp/ache.  Have you ever had that feeling where your stomach is empty, and then you drink a cold beverage, and it almost feels like you’re coating your stomach in ice?  I got this feeling often following my open appendectomy, and while thankfully (as it’s no fun and honestly, to me was more painful than the leadup and surgery itself) this wasn’t as intense, it was still really uncomfortable.  I’m not sure what brought it on, but I pushed myself to roughly 1.9 miles and walked to 2.25, then plopped myself down on the edge of the treadmill until the feeling passed.  YIKES!

Now here I am, sitting at my desk, with my eyes a little heavy and my head a little achey, but I do feel a sense of accomplishment, and know that I need to keep up with the morning workouts.  Just like anything, I think I just need to adjust to the new schedule… I hope…!


4 thoughts on “Zzzzzz…

  1. That’s how Gaylene started….she became a news junky while running on her treadmill at home in the wee hours of the morning before getting ready for work. She got to know every morning news personality and was always up on the latest!

    • Thats right – I remember that now! (The only one I recognized today was Sven Sundgaard, but I’ll get better. ;)) The more time that passes, the more I just wish I had a treadmill in the house… I have a lot of time to think when I’m running, and today it was, “Gosh when I eventually have kids, will I have time in the mornings for this? Maybe if I get a treadmill and don’t have to leave the house…”
      A someday purchase I think!

      • You’ll have to do the math and decide how long it would take to pay for itself too in savings from dues to the gym. You may find you can get one sooner than you think!

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