Red White and Boom!

The title above is also a pretty popular race series here in the Twin Cities, that due to the extreme heat wave we’ve had, was shortened from a half marathon, to a 5 mile. I hear there was a bit of an uproar over this; I wasn’t planning on participating myself.

As you may know I woke earlier than normal for a day off (hurray for work holidays!) and went to the gym. I was quite surprised at the amount of peoplethat were there, despite the holiday. It may have just been the early hour, or that I’d inadvertently taken 3 days offfrom running, but I was only able to push out 1.05 miles before the overall lightheaded-ness overtook. As I previously mentioned it was a little toasty in my gym the last time I was there… which caused a bit of a “someone turned on the hose” effect to what I was wearing. It was the same story this time around, and might be part of the reason I couldn’t go as far (although, I should get used to running in many different conditions). It turns out though, it wasn’t just in my head. Tuesday, I received the following in my club newsletter:

“The Anytime Fitness Staff would like to address the air issue at the club. As you may havenoticed the club has been slightly warmer than usual the past week. We are in the process of getting the air conditioning system to work properly at the club. As always, we want YOU, our member, to be as comfortable as possible during your workouts here! We thank you for your patience with this temporary inconvenience.”

A-HA! I’m not crazy – it is a little muggy in the gym. However, still a heck of a lot better than the experience that would have awaited me outside.

Later that same day I went out on a lake with a few good friends to celebrate the holiday. It was an amazing time that included hefting an extremely heavy cooler up a hill inthe 90 degree heat and getting “stuck” about 20ft out from the pontoon in a pool floatie. (I attempted to swim back to the pontoon upon noticing how far I’d drifted, only to realize that after allthese years, I float way better than I swim. After a few minutes of “swimming” and getting nowhere, the boat came to me, and I was “rescued.”) I was at my desk at work for a couple hours when I realized that wow, my neck, and shoulders are REALLY sore! I attribute it to the Olympic grade swimmingI presented. Who knew I’d get a strength workout while hanging out on a lake?


(My friend B is on the left, I’m in the forefront, on the right.)

It was worth it though… 🙂  Hope everyone had a great 4th ofJuly!


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