Sweat Towels…

Yeah, I know thats a pretty gross title, and thing to talk about in general… but that is the sole thought that kept looping through my mind as I ran this evening.  In the past I’ve never been one to sweat, a lot, at least compared to others.  I would glisten, as a lady should.  However, this past month or so since I’ve really amped up my running has seemed to turn on the water works!  ICK.  I’m going to need to start bringing sweat towels to the gym, as what I experienced just an hour or so ago was right up there with all the lawn mowing gentlemen I’ve see around my neighborhood today.  (Right now it’s 89, but it feels so much hotter!)  Anyway…

Tonight I ran 1.75 miles!  Factoring in the 0.1 that I always warm up with as a walk, and the cool down, my total distance today was 2.74 miles.  I thought this was pretty darn good considering my goal was to beat the 1.62 record that I’d had a few days ago.  I had thought it would be great to reach 1.75, but really, just as long as I made it to 1.63, progress has been made.

I have been trying to change up my stride, due to the ankle complaints I mentioned a few posts ago, and I’m happy to say that my ankles didn’t bother me today; maybe the marathoner I work with (and have dubbed as “my coach,”) knows what she’s talking about…

Due to the high temps and because I spent the morning sitting on a pool chair soaking in some sun, I ran inside, at my gym.  The temp really wasn’t that much different to be honest, ha.  (I’m sure it was MUCH cooler inside, but the air just felt heavy.)  I watched the last of ABC World News, and then on to local programming.  It was story after story of someone getting shot, burglary’s, someone getting run over, someone doing this to someone else, someone doing that to someone else… yeesh!  Bad news day I guess.  But, it took my mind off the task at hand, which is the whole point of having the TV there.

Still trying to figure out what I’m going to fill my head with when I’m not being entertained the whole time (headphones are not allowed during the race I’m training for)… if anyone’s got any ideas, throw em my way!

Oh, and with my 13.92 total miles ran as of now, here’s where I am!


I’d said in an earlier post that while it surprised me too, I was entering AZ.  Well.  I should have gone with my gut as that was most certainly not true.  I am still in CA, and will enter AZ somewhere between where I “am” now and the 272 miles before I make my next exit.  (Thanks to maps.google.com for the original map image!)

See ya round the bend! 🙂


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